I Would Wear That

A self-absorbed study in non-functional weaving


Is that a scarf?

No, it’s a wall hanging.

It could be a scarf.

No, it is a wall hanging.

But it could be a scarf.


“I Would Wear That” is a collection of useless handwoven wall hangings. Their only function is to look nice. I wove with colors I like to wear. They belong on the wall, not in my laundry basket. I wish my closet looked like this.


Color-coordinated and pretty is good. Functionality is overrated.


The collection is composed of cut-up and reassembled tapestries stretched on ellipsoid forms. Some pieces are single canvases, while others are amalgams of smaller pieces. Store-bought velvet and metallic cloth peeks through stressed holes in the handweaving. Loose stuffing makes them bulge like blisters.


What season am I? Just look at the walls. Oh, yes, I would wear that.