Must I remember their faces?

Men I Have Known is a series of handwoven sculptures. Each three-dimensional tapestry represents a different lover. The name of each lover will be written by hand on the wall below each printed title, in red pen.

I have sculpted this fabric into phalluses that represent my sexual experiences: One Night in Vegas, Sigma Chi, The Bad Boy. Hanging my trophies on the wall, I reduce my partners to their sex organs. I’m not an ass man, I’m a dick girl.  The titles hint at what the sex was like. They are the only clue as to what transpired beyond the penis.

Handwoven fabric makes the pieces more accessible. The sculptures are smushy and soft, colorful and vibrant. They are adult stuffed animals, the best medium for male genitalia. Cartoonlike, these objects are approachable and fun, satirizing the mood. He is the sexual conquest, not me. Commodifying men’s genitalia flips the power play and satirizes all those men I have known.