selfportrait with flower.jpg


I craft satiric memoirs by combining weaving, sewing, and illustration. Sometimes I weave and then sew. Sometimes I sew and then draw. Bringing together my sculptures is an integrated process creating cohesive, humorous pictures of me. My colors reflect moods. Free associating, I weave colors, patterns, textures. The loom is like a blank canvas, with no model. I’m not drawing figures, I’m capturing feelings.

I weave most of my fabric, focusing on aesthetics instead of patterns. My improvisational style forces me to find a distinct voice. If there are no rules, no mistakes, how do I know what NOT to do? Have I always been doing it? Is awareness the only indicator?


I have a BA in Visual Arts from Brown University, a MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts, and am a member of the Saori Leadership Committee based in Osaka, Japan. I have been a part of the fiber community for over 8 years, having solo shows including Chashama, New York City; Living Room, St. Peter’s Church, New York City; Sumei, Newark, NJ; Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT; Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY; Artworks Gallery, Trenton, NJ; and Saori Kaisak Gallery, Osaka, Japan.


You will see me when you see my work.